Alexander Long Elected FUSA President


Alexander Long Elected FUSA President

Alexander Long ’14 won the recent election for FUSA president and will be inaugurated on May 4 as current FUSA president Rob Vogel ’13 graduates and moves on to law school.

Alex Long, member of the Class of 14, is a Communication major with a Math minor from Bayonne, New Jersey, who fell in love with the campus during a tour his senior year of high school, has been very busy with numerous activities since he arrived on campus as a first-year student.

What activities have you been involved with at Fairfield?

Since freshman year I have been a Lector and involved in the Fourth Day community. Along with this, I have been a referee for Intramurals, attended a service trip to Nicaragua, served as a committee member on Senior Week, the Orientation Support Team, Co-Leader of the Lector community and Retreat Team Leader, run a radio show on WVOF, been a participant in the Leadership Residential College, and worked at The Levee and C&NS. For FUSA, I have served on SWAT and one term as a Senator, ultimately ending my term as President of the Class of 2014.

What do you like best about Fairfield University?

The community that makes up Fairfield’s campus is so welcoming and friendly. Frequent presenter Kerry Cronin put it best when she said, “Everyone holds the door for you when you come to Fairfield.” I think that’s the most comforting thing, as it truly represents our community.

Why did you decide to run for FUSA president?

I saw the presidency as an opportunity to help make Fairfield the best for all students. My experience here has been one-of-a-kind and I really want to put forth the opportunity for all students to have the time of their life while they’re here.

Had you served in student government at Fairfield previously?

I was on SWAT last year, with little involvement, and served this year as a Senator for the junior class, ultimately taking over as the President of the Class of 2014. SWAT (Students Working All Together) is made up of students who are interested in FUSA but don't have the time for a full commitment.

What were the main points in your platform as a candidate?

To enhance the student experience through events and programs that appeal to the general student body and to bridge the gap between students and administration by keeping them in the students’ conversations about what they want to see at and from Fairfield.

What are three immediate challenges that you plan to work on early in your term?

Improving relations with IRHA to make for more comfortable living and a better social atmosphere for students, creating more energy and school spirit across campus, and creating more “hangout spots” around campus where students can go when they want to hang out with friends outside of their dorm rooms.

Who will serve as your Vice President?

Alex Cucchi ’15, who is currently a Senator for the Class of 2015 and Chair of the Academic committee on Senate, will be Vice President.

Any plans yet for life after Fairfield?

I’m trying to live in the moment and enjoy my time here at Fairfield. When the time comes I will have a better idea of what I want to accomplish next.

Thank you to outgoing president Rob Vogel

rvogel As we welcome Alex Long to the role of FUSA President, it is both important and appropriate to acknowledge Robert Vogel, ’13, FUSA’s 65 th President.

Serving as FUSA president for nearly two years, Rob successfully balanced the role of student advocate and University governance partner. Dr. Tom Pellegrino, VP for Student Affairs, says “Rob hit all the important marks for a FUSA President. He was actively engaged in promoting events, programs, and traditions that enriched the experience of the students. He was a great mentor, instilling a sense of pride in the organization. Finally, and I speak from personal experience, Rob was an invaluable partner in the area of student governance. Rob’s thoughtful approach to the many facets of University life informed many of the decisions I and others made.”

Rob was also able to maintain a stellar academic record throughout his time as president. It is a testament to the scope and depth of his accomplishments in and outside the classroom that Rob is a sought after candidate for admission to law school. “He is everything we hope to see in a Fairfield student and will soon be another proud member of our alumni ranks,” concluded Dr. Pellegrino.

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