Alumni Profile | Kelly (Young) Falcone '10

Alumni Profile | Kelly (Young) Falcone '10

Kelly (Young) Falcone ’10 poses at Bellarmine Hall on campus

Kelly (Young) Falcone ’10 poses at Bellarmine Hall on campus.

The New President of the Alumni Association

I’m hoping to bring my openness to collaboration to the Alumni Association, finding ways that we can expand our reach and truly help alumni feel connected.

— Kelly (Young) Falcone

Little did Kelly (Young) Falcone ’10 know that when she decided to attend Fairfield University in 2006, she would be receiving more than a bachelor’s degree in history. There, she found a new home state, the love of her life, and a fulfilling career path in education that continues to grow.

With her love of all things Fairfield and an appreciation for the education and connections she made during her time in college, Falcone will now take on a new challenge as president of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

“I have always believed in taking a leadership role when you can, especially for things you are passionate about,” said Falcone. “Since joining the Alumni Association Board, I’ve spent the last few years watching how they work to build. different connections across all aspects of the community. I am so honored and proud to have the chance to represent our alumni.”

If there ever was an alumna who truly embodied the Fairfield Stag life, Falcone would be it. Her marriage to alumnus Eric Falcone ’08 was a celebratory tribute to their love and commitment to Fairfield University. The StagMates’ engagement photos were taken at historic Bellarmine Hall, Fairfield’s Rev. Charles H. Allen, S.J., officiated their wedding ceremony, and the tables at their reception were named after their favorite buildings on campus.When it came time to baptize their daughter, Ciandra, they were thrilled to again have the ceremony performed by Fr. Allenin Egan Chapel.

After living in various Connecticut towns, the couple officially made Fairfield their forever home in 2020, giving their daughter a chance to fall in love with the place they’ve considered home for years now.

“We love getting to enjoy the events on campus, especially with our little Stag, Ciandra,” Falcone said. “She participated in her first Fairfield U. Easter Egg Hunt this year. She loved running across the lawn at Bellarmine and spotting Lucas the Stag. I’m so excited that campus will be part of her life from such a young age.

”Having grown up on Long Island, Fairfield was always within a stone’s throw,but it was the sense of community and the feeling of comfort that Falcone experienced when visiting campus that helped solidify her decision to attend the Jesuit University. As an education minor, she worked with students in nearby Bridgeport to hone her skills and developed a deep connection with a community of her fellow educators. Since graduating in 2010, Falcone has worked in various education roles while simultaneously continuing her own schooling.

In 2013, she earned a master’s degree in history from Iona College, and during the summer of 2021, Falcone returned to Fairfield to study educational technology. As she prepares to take on the new role of president of the Alumni Association, Falcone will be completing her graduate program and applying for her ISTE Certification for Educators, and internationally recognized teacher certification program.“Now that I am a grad student myself, I recognize how valuable this network of individuals is, and how many strengths they bring to our alumni community as a whole, ”she said. “Recognizing that so many people have gone through career and educational transitions as a result of the pandemic, it is important to me that Stags know they can reach out to their fellow alumni for engagement and community in order to explore new interests and opportunities.

”A few of her personal goals as newly minted president include: supporting the Alumni of Color Network’s objectives to help alumni feel welcome and make sure “all voices are being heard,” providing opportunities for current and prospective students to think of Fairfield as their home away from home, and welcoming people back to campus for in-person live events after the past few years of Covid-19 restrictions.

“We try to have our Alumni Association Board be representative of the different majors and career paths available at Fairfield, so I’m honored to represent teachers,” said Falcone. “I’m hoping to bring my openness to collaboration to the Alumni Association, finding ways that we can expand our reach and truly help alumni feel connected.

”Following in the path of outgoing Alumni Association Board President Hugh Morgan’69, P’95, Falcone will serve a two-year term; she is the second president to hail from a 21st Century graduation class at Fairfield.

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