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5th Annual Human Library
was held October 23rd 2020

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Meet Our Books for the 5th Annual Human Library

"You don't look holy!"
Although I am not a nun or a priest, I help people on their spiritual journey. As a trained spiritual director, I accompany others as they seek to find the sacred in their lives. One of my favorite theologians says, we are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience.

More Than My Intelligence
I am a first generation Indian immigrant. Throughout my life, everyone has recognized me and identified me based on my intelligence, however I am more. My story is of my journey in being proud of my culture, finding my identity, letting go of what society has taught me about me, and relearning who I am. I hope to inspire others to remember that no one except themselves can say who they are.
This Human Book is part of the “I stand with refugee and migrants” initiative by the Center for Social Impact

My Black Life
These last couple of months, we were reckoned with the difficulties of a covid-19 ridden summer. We also were struck with a new wave of racism and injustice. Allow me to tell you how I took it all in and used it to make some serious positive change.

Fortunate Mother of a Gay Son
The blessing of a gay son in our family has taught me to love, respect and embrace all of God’s creation. And to follow as Pope Francis says, the “primacy’ of my own conscience when navigating tough moral questions. This has led me to fight for justice for my son and all LGBTQ people in my family, the Catholic Church and society.

An American Tale: How individual effort and community support helped one kid do well
I am a first generation college graduate who has gone on to a successful 25+ year college teaching career. My story begins in California but weaves through Oklahoma, New York, Arizona, Indiana, Texas and Connecticut. I am who I am because of the people, places, and ideas I came in contact with over the years.

(Im)Perfect Relationships
I feel it is ingrained in a lot of people's minds that they must make allowances for poor treatment by a family member or friend just because they are close to one another. I'm trying to challenge the social norm that a long history or family ties with someone is a free pass for them to mistreat you or shape your reality. I want our conversations to be a safe space for myself and my readers to not feel like they have to hold back about how they feel.

Poster Girl
I am an international, domestic, commuter undergraduate student, and a proud Afro-Caribbean Dominican woman that fits into almost every minority. I am an outsider and an insider. My story is of my journey to become a Fairfield student, the discovery of my identity, and how my struggles have built me along the way.

Constant Journey
I am a refugee from Iraq and I have been in the USA since 2017. I want to educate people about my ethnic background which is a part of the middle east and the refugee/immigrant process and the constant learning we have to do in order to be able to live in the USA.
This Human Book is part of the “I stand with refugee and migrants” initiative by the Center for Social Impact

Positively Disabled
It is a common misconception that living with a disability obliterates one's chance to lead a fulfilling life. I have been able to achieve many feats, such as writing a book, going to college and grad school, presenting at conferences, beginning my journey to establishing a career in the writing field and the publishing industry, parasailing, and zip-lining. I hope to inspire abled and disabled individuals to overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams.

The Cage of Gender
My story is about what it is like to live as a non-binary person in a world where gender is strictly enforced in certain circles and the struggles of trying to get my name legally changed and my experiences with being deadnamed and misgendered.

"Being a first generation ________"
As a first-generation college student and a young professional, I have had to explore the world through multiple, diverse lenses. Let's take a moment to explore identity confusion, cross-cultural barriers, and immigration families in my narrative.