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Low Income Students Can't Succeed

I am hoping to break the stereotype of being a low class Hispanic student and being expected to not succeed and give into the system. In the city where I grew up, going to college is not always an option due to financial difficulties and social restraints. I hope that my story can reach out to students that are in the same situation I was in and be able to break the cycle that society has put us in and have high hopes that they CAN succeed especially in a college setting.


You Don't LOOK Like an Addict!

I am a successful teacher, coach, father, and public speaker. I also battled substance abuse from the age of 14 until I found sobriety 8 years ago.


What is a Refugee?


Being a First Generation_______

As a recent first-generation college student, I have had to explore the world through multiple, diverse, lenses. Without overly generalizing things, unlike some students whose parents have earned a degree, first generation students, like myself, might have seen college as a way to bring honor to their family. We will be exploring such concepts in my narrative, but also how my story connects with the "American Dream", immigration, and being a student today.


12 Nuns and Pregnant Lady

Some said I gave my baby up. Some told me to abort the pregnancy. I choose life and placed my son in an open adoption. I am a birthmother.


A Disability or a Gift?

I want to help break down stereotypes around learning disabilities. I have Nonverbal Learning Disability (similar to Asperger's), which comes with great social stigma, as sufferers are not aware of nonverbal social cues such as body language. NLD sufferers are often perceived as weird because the disability is so poorly understood and not always obvious; as a human book I hope to raise awareness about learning disabilities as well as share how I overcame mine by turning it into a gift.



I learned how to succeed with ADHD after years of academic failure. I want people to know what ADHD is and what it isn't and how it can be an asset when appropriately treated.


Locked Closet Door

The "coming out" process is something that has become much more vocalized in recent years, but that doesn't mean that all experiences are the same. Growing up, my father and stepmother would try to portray an image of perfection to the outside world while, behind closed doors, things were vastly different. This worked, for a while, until they found out that I was gay. What came after this was the longest, and hardest, two weeks of my life as my brother and I tried to get out of my father's home to be able to live with our Mom.


The World Through the Eyes of a First Generation Latina Student

Being a first generation student is a full time job, you're not only pursuing your dreams for yourself but for those around you as well. Your parents, siblings, and friends will all benefit from your success and this creates even more pressure to be outstanding. In my narrative, we will be exploring the challenges first generation students face in their road to success.


Discovering my identity

I wanted to share my story of being adopted by white parents and living in a bubble. Then when I came to high school, I met all different kinds of people including ones who looked like me. This changed my perspective and helped me shape my identity.


Invisible Illness

On the outside someone can look entirely healthy while actually suffering from debilitating migraines. I hope that I can help show people that there is so much more to everyone we meet than what we think we know about them. People are overcome obstacles every day that we don't even know they are facing.


My Father was Incarcerated All Four Years I was in High School

My Father was arrested the fall of my freshman year of high school and was not released until shortly before my graduation. I felt the absence of my father all four years of high school and in many ways felt as though I was alone in what I was going through. Never on the sidelines for my games, never at a parent teacher conference, and eventually was not there for my graduation.


Can Heartbreak be a Gift?

After being married 15 years, when my boys were 12, 10, 7 & 5, my husband came out. He realized he'd been struggling with his sexuality for years. I was devastated - but somehow found a way forward with love. Now 13 years later, my journey has taught me that there is an opportunity and gift in the chaos of life.


Grandma got Arrested- Then Went Straight!

I've been active in the Civil Rights Movement since 1960. In 1975 I opened a home for single pregnant women. Eventually I went back to college and got my degree in Early Childhood Education. Now I'm the preschool director at The Caroline House and am an active participant on the Immigration Committee.


Coffee, a smile, and the weight of the universe.

You never know, and can rarely tell whose struggling in their own way, especially with invisible illness which carries a heavy stigma. There is a certain pressure people put on themselves for their lives to conform to a certain predetermined narrative, and when things don't go as planned thats not the end of the world, theres always tomorrow.



As a member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame for almost 60 years, I want to share my experience of two current ministries that claim my energy and passion at this time on my life journey. Belonging to an International congregation has enriched my understanding and interaction with different cultures. I love to write Haikus.


Hidden Disability

Doctors termed me as a failure to thrive and recommended that I be placed in an institution. It took much struggle as I learned how to overcome my neurological and physical disabilities to succeed both at school and in the workplace. Check me out and see how I have overcome my hidden disabilities and turned them to my advantage. And how my Christian faith and my curiosity and zest for learning have helped me greatly. Also how I brought the world a little closer to understanding of how to deal with bullying.


You look Chinese but you can't speak mandarin?

I was born in China, but adopted from a very young age and grew up in the US. For the past year and a half, I lived in China and immersed myself in a culture that was supposed to be my own but also wasn't at the same time. With my narrative, I want to bridge the gap between cultural definitions and expectations of being American - Asian.


Here's The View from the NFL Sidelines

Think professional cheerleaders are stupid, selfish, superficial, and strategic about dating players? Think again..........



Homeless to Hawaii: Our Lowest Points

Some say that when we are at our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. When my family hit our lowest point, we gained a new appreciation for living in the now and found a way to see the world in a way most can only dream of - both figuratively and literally.


Poster Girl

I am an international, domestic commuter undergraduate student, and a proud Afro-Caribbean Dominican woman that fits into almost every minority. I am an outsider and an insider. My story is of my journey to become a Fairfield student, the discovery of my identity, and how my struggles have built me up along the way.


Never had a Legal Drink

I got sober when I was 17 and have worked hard to maintain this way of life throughout college. I am looking to break down the stigma against addicts and educate people on the disease of addiction.


Saving Animals and Myself

The importance of finding your passion and looking inward. Breaking down the stereotype of reaching out for help in the form of therapy.


Don't Take a Vow of Silence: Overcoming the Stereotype of a Victim

Though a victim, when I was young, I do not blame religion, spiritual practice or a Higher Power. I remain very faith filled, despite many tests. It's not my God, but a man misusing his power in His name, that enrages me.


Proud Mother of a Gay Son

Since my 22 year old son came out as gay in late 1999, I have journeyed from acceptance to celebration of my child's sexual orientation. Fighting for justice for him and all LGBTQ people is foremost to me. This fight has led me on a path of activism for LGBTQ persons in my family, in the Catholic Church and in society.


Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Fact: It's not just you. Everyone deals with some level of anxiety or stress at different times in their life. Your parents do. Your professors do. Your friends do. It can be extremely difficult, but it never has to be something you go through alone, especially since there are lots of resources ready to help. Here's my story.


Positively Disabled

It is a common misconception that living with a disability obliterates one’s chance to lead a fulfilling life. I have been able to achieve many feats, such as writing a book, going to college, presenting at conferences, parasailing, and zip-lining. I hope to inspire abled and disabled individuals to overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams.


The New Normal-ish

My story is about what it's been like to struggle with depression and anxiety since I can remember. My early childhood was plagued with panic attack about the future and they prohibited me from enjoying the present. I couldn't relate to other children at all as I worried about what would happen to me in high school at age 7. My older parents weren't from a generation that ever talked about mental health issues. My depression and anxiety kicked into high gear in middle school and impacted me heavily throughout high school and college. It's something that will always be a part of me, almost like an addiction, but I've learned to manage it in a few ways. My story is about going through the worst and trying to come out the other side but realizing it will always be a struggle.


Boys Don't Cry

We live in a world where men are only allowed to express a fraction of the range of human emotions. Any deviation from the limited palette of "manly" emotion is considered weakness. In spite of living in a state where masculinity is a fragile thing that can be revoked by simply having normal human feelings, I am a poet and my primary job is to distill and express the full range of the human condition.


The Skinny One

This is my third time as a Human Book but this time I'm back with a new story. Now that I have been in remission for three years I'm ready to talk about my experience with ARFID and how being identified as the skinny one made it harder to break free of it. I hope to break down the stereotypes around little known eating disorders and spread awareness.