Fairfield University maintains selectivity with incoming Class of 2006

Fairfield University's incoming class of 854 students has matched the selectivity of last year's class when Fairfield's admittance rate fell below 50 percent, placing it among the top eight percent of four-year colleges and universities in the nation with this level of selectivity.

The class was drawn from 6,974 applicants, the second largest number in the university's history. "We are especially pleased," said Judith Dobai, director of admission, "because the after-effect of September 11 as well as a softening of the economy had raised concerns in the media throughout the year about where and how students would attend college this fall.

"We continue to have a strong base of Connecticut students, making up 20 percent of the class, while at the same time attracting students from 29 states (up from 26 last year) and seven foreign countries," she noted. The students come from a total of 496 different high schools.

Other statistics on the new class:

Multicultural students make up 12 percent of the class, which is 43 percent male and 57 percent female. Ninety-two students have alumni ties to Fairfield, including 40 with siblings here now.

In addition, Fairfield will be enrolling 69 transfer students, its largest group of transfers ever, up 35 percent from last year.

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Posted on August 10, 2002

Vol. 35, No. 44

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