Message from the President on Boston tragedy

Image: Fairfield UniversityThe following statement was issued by Fairfield University President Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J. in response to the tragedy in Boston yesterday:

We join our brothers and sisters in Boston and throughout the nation and the world in the mourning for the victims of yesterday's bombings in Boston. Once again in this academic year, we are faced with the implications of unthinkable violence, and we suffer together as a body in attempting to integrate these tragedies, knowing that the lives of so many will be forever changed, and burdened with losses that are staggering to contemplate. These events affect us all deeply and darken our world, and yet we must also be encouraged that so many bystanders, participants, and first responders immediately, selflessly, and bravely gave of themselves to assist the wounded. Such outpourings of compassion in the face of suffering are also a dimension of these terrible events.

While at this point all of the facts are unclear, we do know that the family of one member of our community suffered a loss yesterday. Our prayers go out to them at this time.

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Media Contact: Martha Milcarek, Asst. Vice President for Public Relations, (203) 254-4190

Posted on April 16, 2013

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