Image of faculty member, Sonya Huber

Ms. Sonya Huber

Associate Professor of English
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 122
p: x2788


Current Research Interests

Huber's research and creative interests include the development of the essay, immersion creative nonfiction, ethics in creative nonficiton, and the modern and post-modern memoir. Her writing on chronic pain focuses on the intersection of the essay and medical humanities. 

Courses Taught

  1. AS 404: American Studies Graduate Proj
  2. EN 11: Texts and Contexts I
  3. ENW 206: Creative Writing: Nonfiction I
  4. ENW 207: Themes in CW: Addctn & Recovry
  5. ENW 306: Creative Writing:Nonfiction II
  6. ENW 340: World of Publishing
  7. ENW 346: Internship
  8. ENW 347: Independent Writing Project
  9. ENW 348: Independent Writing Project
  10. ENW 398: Publishing Practicum
  11. ENW 399: Advanced Portfolio Workshop
  12. ENW 444: Fiction
  13. ENW 445: Non-Fiction

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