Image of faculty member, Shannon Gerry

Dr. Shannon Gerry

Associate Professor of Biology
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 217
p: x2542


Current Research Interests

Feeding and locomotion are two behaviors that are essential to organismal survival; searching for food or avoiding being eaten can literally be a matter of life or death. My research program focuses on generalist versus specialist adaptations and how these adaptations can constrain or improve feeding or locomotor performance. Many animals can be specialized for feeding or locomotion based on their anatomy (skeletal or muscular), behavior, physiology or mechanics. As a functional morphologist and biomechanist, I am interested in the integration of these types of specializations within a single organism and how these traits may have evolved from a more generalized form. I have primarily used elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays) or bony fishes for my research because these are some of the most basal vertebrates and may provide insight as to the possible origin of specialized structures. My students and I are currently studying the influence of body shape on a population of bluegill sunfish that have diverged in their swimming and feeding behaviors.


Courses Taught

  1. BI 171: General Biology II
  2. BI 201: Biology Teaching Practicum
  3. BI 202: Biology Teaching Practicum
  4. BI 203: Biology Teaching Practicum
  5. BI 204: Biology Teaching Practicum
  6. BI 205: Biology Teaching Practicum
  7. BI 206: Biology Teaching Practicum
  8. BI 262: Human Physiology Lab
  9. BI 262L: Human Physiology Lab
  10. BI 315: Anatomy: Form and Function
  11. BI 397: Internship
  12. BI 398: Internship

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