Image of faculty member, Linda Henkel

Dr. Linda A. Henkel

Professor of Psychology
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 465
p: x3269
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B.A., Friends World College
M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook

Current Research Interests

One of the most fascinating aspects about memory is that while sometimes we are able to remember our experiences with great vividness and accuracy, memory is an imperfect system fraught with errors and distortions. How is it that people remember events that never happened, why do they forget events that did happen, and when do they misremember details about what they experienced or how they experienced it? The imperfections in memory are not random but follow predictable patterns based on cognitive principles. My research program aims to understand the cognitive processes involved in memory and information processing, and how various mental processes give rise to both correct remembering as well as errors and distortions.

I study memory processes in both younger and older adults, and I also study cognition in applied contexts such as eyewitness accuracy and false confessions.

Courses Taught

  1. PY 201: Statistics Lab
  2. PY 201L: Statistics Lab
  3. PY 201: Statistics for Life Sciences
  4. PY 201L: Statistics Lab
  5. PY 201: Statistics for Life Sciences
  6. PY 201L: Statistics Lab
  7. PY 201: Statistics for Life Sciences
  8. PY 201L: Statistics Lab
  9. PY 202: Research Methods in Psychology
  10. PY 251: Cognitive Psychology
  11. PY 291: Internship/Teaching of Psych
  12. PY 295: Supervised Research
  13. PY 351: False Memories Senior Seminar
  14. PY 395: Independent Research

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