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Dr. Olivia Harriott

Associate Professor of Biology
p: x2740



  • The effects of climate change on sponge-associated microorganisms. Fairfield University. 2008; Fall Sabbatical.
  • Stability and structure of temperate and tropical marine sponge symbiont communities in response to climate change. National Science Foundation. 2007.
  • The Microbiology of Marine Sponges. Faculty Research Committee, Fairfield University. 2004.
  • Research Opportunity Award for visiting professor (Olivia Harriott) to supplement NSF Grant # 0333173: Sequencing of the Frankia CcI3 Genome, a Nitrogen-Fixing Plant Symbiotic Actinomycete; Principle Investigator/Host: Dr. David Benson; Host Institution: University of Connecticut, Storrs. National Science Foundation Research Opportunity Award. 2004.

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