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Mrs. Kathy Saracino

Instructor of the Practice of Nursing
p: x2578


Current Research Interests

Kathy Saracino was involved in a three year research study on the care of the older adult.  The ELDER project focused on the education to healthcare professionals and paraprofessionals to improve overall care to the older adult.

Courses Taught

  1. NS 110: Intro Professional Nursing
  2. NS 272: Geriatric Nursing Clinical
  3. NS 272C: Geriatric Nursing Clinical
  4. NS 301: Health and Wellness Clinical
  5. NS 307: Fundmtls of Nursing Care Lab
  6. NS 307L: Fundmtls of Nursing Care Lab
  7. NS 307: Fundamentals of Nursing Care
  8. NS 307L: Fundmtls of Nursing Care Lab
  9. NS 330: CommPub&GlblHlthNsCllinical
  10. NS 332: Trans to Professional Nursing

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