Image of faculty member, Evagelia Lolis

Dr. Evelyn Bilias Lolis

Assistant Professor of Special Education & School Psychology
o: Canisius Hall Rm 221
p: x2382


Bilias-Lolis, E., Chafouleas, S.M., Bray, M.A., & Kehle, T.J. (2012).  Exploring the utility of self-modeling in reducing disruptive classroom behavior in students with intellectual disability.  Psychology in the Schools.

Bilias-Lolis, E. (2012).  Self-Modeling: An impetus for positive psychology in the schools.  Athens Institute for Education and Research: 67h Annual International Conference on Psychology, Conference Proceedings, p21, Published online

Ortiz, J., Bray, M.A., Bilias-Lolis, E, & Kelhle, T.J. (2016).  The good behavior game for Latino English Language Learners in a small group setting. International Journal of School and Educational Psychology, 5(1), 26-38,

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Bilias-Lolis, E., Bray, M.A., & Howe, M. (2017). Exploring public self-consciousness as an unconsidered behavioral change pathway to self-modeling: Implications for school practice. School Psychology Forum, 11(2), 63-75.

 Bilias-Lolis, E., Gehlbar, N., Rispoli, K., Bray, M.A., & Maykel, C. (2017).On promoting understanding and equity through compassionate educational practice: Towards a new inclusion.  Psychology in the Schools, 54(10), 1229-1237. 

Bilias-Lolis, E & Martin, A. (In Press). Challenging behavior in youth with intellectual disability: Promoting understanding and compassionate educational practice.  Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals

Bilias-Lolis, E. (In Press). Mindful Gratitude across the Tiers of School Service Delivery.” In the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Division 16, Handbook of Mind-Body Health: School Based Interventions

Bray, M.A., Root, M., Howe, M. M. & Bilias-Lolis, E. (in press).  Psychological Considerations for Asthma.  In R. Worrell & T. Hughes, The Cambridge Handbook of Applied School Psychology. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press

Bilias-Lolis, E., *Croke, K., & *Russo, K . (Under Review) The effects of mindful gratitude practice on teacher stress and perceptions of school connectedness. 

Bilias-Lolis, E. & *Winter, E. (Under Review)  Creating body-sensitive schools as an extension of school climate reform. 

 Bilias-Lolis, E. (Under Review) Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS): A mechanism for transformative leadership and school change?  


*GSEAP graduate student co-authors

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