Image of faculty member, Evagelia Lolis

Dr. Evelyn Bilias Lolis

Assistant Professor of Special Education & School Psychology
o: Canisius Hall Rm 221
p: x2382


Current Research Interests

Dr. Bilias Lolis' research interests include the application of positive psychology in the schools, school-based mental health service provision, and the design and delivery of positive behavior approaches that foster inclusive, resilient, and compassionate learning environments for all students. 

Courses Taught

  1. PY 433: Behavioral Statistics
  2. PY 435: Psychology of Personality
  3. PY 438: Treatment Models SchoolAgeYth
  4. PY 446: Dev Psych I: Thry&ApplProfPrac
  5. PY 537: Psychoedu Assess I: Behavioral
  6. PY 540: Psychoedu Assess III: Clinical
  7. PY 548: PsychotherapeuticTechSchAgeYth
  8. SE 413: Theories & Intro Lrng Disabil

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