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Dr. Evelyn Bilias Lolis

Assistant Professor of Special Education & School Psychology
o: Canisius Hall Rm 221
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Dr. Evelyn Bilias Lolis is an Associate Professor of Psychological and Educational Consultation and the Certification Officer for the Graduate School of Education & Allied Professions (GSEAP).  As Certification Officer, Dr. Bilias Lolis is the chief liaison to the Connecticut State Department of Education

Dr. Bilias Lolis obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Fordham University, her Master of Arts degree in School Psychology from Fairfield University, and her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Connecticut.  Dr. Bilias Lolis has worked in adolescent mental health for over fifteen years, helping to design numerous therapeutic programs for at-risk youth with a concentration in crisis counseling and intervention in the schools.  Upon obtaining her doctoral degree, Dr. Bilias Lolis worked as a school psychologist in a large urban high school while also serving as a behavioral consultant to local schools and specialized learning facilities.  She later became the District Department Chair of Psychology for the Stamford Public Schools and district team leader for the district’s Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) Leadership Team. Dr. Bilias Lolis holds an advanced training certificate in School Climate from the Connecticut State Department of Education.  She has extensive experience in the systematic assessment of school climate and the devising professional development plans that drive school improvement profiles.  

Dr. Bilias Lolis has also served as Associate Dean for the Graduate School of Education & Allied Professions offering consultative support for curriculum development and approval, certification review, and leading GSEAP's university-community partnerships.

Dr. Bilias Lolis’ research includes the promotion of positive psychology in the schools and the design, delivery, and assessment of mechanisms that foster inclusive, resilient, and compassionate learning environments. She has presented her work at national and international conference venues and has authored and hosted numerous professional developments on topics related to compassionate educational practices, child wellness, and school climate reform for local school districts. She currently leads three graduate student research teams and frequently enlists students as co-authors and co-presenters for scholarly publications and presentations. 

Dr. Bilias Lolis teaches graduate courses for the Department of Psychological and Educational Consultation in personality psychology, developmental psychology, psychopathology of children, behavioral statistics, learning disabilities, history/systems of psychology, clinical assessment, psychotherapeutic techniques, treatment models for school-aged youth, and diagnostic procedures for youth with disabilities.

Dr. Bilias Lolis was awarded the university Alpha Sigma Nu (the honor society of Jesuit colleges and universities) Graduate Teacher of the Year award for 2015.

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