Image of faculty member, Shahrokh Etemad

Dr. Shahrokh Etemad

Professor & Chairman, Mechanical Engineering Department
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 107
p: x3154


Selected Publications:

  •  “Catalytic Combustion of Hydrogen” in  Compendium of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 3: Hydrogen Energy Conversion ,  Woodhead Publishing Ltd.,  2015.
  • “Advanced Catalytic Ignitor Technology for Small Compact Engine Applications”, ASME, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbine and Power, Vol. 137, 2015.                     
  • “Hydrogen Generation for Internal Combustion Engine Emissions Reduction”, ICEF2014-5627, Proceedings of the ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division, Indiana, 2014.                                                                                         
  • “Fuel Flexible Rich Catalytic Lean Burn System for Low Btu Fuels”, Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo, GT2013-94585, Texas, 2013.                    
  • “Catalytic Combustion for Ultra-Low NOx Hydrogen Turbines”, Proceeding of ASME-ICEPAG 2011, International Colloquium on Environmentally Preferred Advanced Power Generation, ASME-ICEPAG 2011-4449, 2011 CA.      
  • Novel Down-Hole Combustor for Steam Generation”, World Heavy Oil Congress, Alberta WHOC11-414, 2011.
  • “Gas Turbine Engine Test of RCL Catalytic Pilot for Ultra Low NOx Applications”, Journal of Catalysis Today, volume 155, 2010.                     
  • “Catalytic Combustion,” Section 3.2.2, U.S. Department of Energy, The Gas Turbine Handbook, published by National Energy Technology Laboratory, DOE, Morgantown, WV, 2006.
  • “Rich-Catalytic Lean-Burn Combustion for Low-Single-Digit NOX Gas Turbines,” Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Volume 127, Issue 1, 2005.
  • “Compact, High Efficiency, Catalytic Muffler for Utility Engines,” SAE 971133, SAE International Congress and Exposition, Detroit, MI, 1997.
  • “CFD Modeling of Gas Turbine Combustor - Swirler Effect," Computational Fluid Dynamics in Aero-propulsion, 1995 ASMEInternational Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, San Francisco, p 193, 1995.
  • “Primary Surface Heat Exchanger – Recuperator - for a Ground Vehicle Gas Turbine," Society of Automotive Engineering, SAE International Congress and Exposition, SAE 920148, February 1992.
  • “Design Optimization of the Scroll Compressor," International Journal of Refrigeration, Vol. 12, No. 3, May 1989.
  • "An Experimental Investigation of Temperatures Due to Rubbing at Blade-Seal Interface in Aircraft Compressors," Journal of WEAR, Vol. 91, No. 2, Nov. 1983.

 Selected Patents: 

  • “Direct Injection Method and Apparatus for Low NOx Combustion of High Hydrogen Fuels,” 2014 U.S. Patent 8,864,491.                        
  •  “Two Stage Combustor with Reformer”, 2014 U.S. Patent 8,739,550.   
  • “Catalytic Isobutane Alkylation”, 2013 U.S. Patent 8,603,407.
  • “Stacked Catalytic Reactor”, 2009 U.S. 7,476,367.
  • “Catalytic Reactor for Low Btu Fuels,” 2009 U.S. Patent 7,521,028.                                        
  • “Method & Apparatus for a Fuel-Rich Catalytic Reactor”, 2002 U.S. Patent 6,394,791.
  • "Enhanced Discharge Port", 1991 U.S. Patent 5,022,834.
  • "Methods of Manufacturing a Rotary Scroll Machine with Radial Clearance Control", 1988 U.S. Patent 4,726,100


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