Image of faculty member, David Downie

Dr. David L. Downie

Associate Professor of Enviromental Studies
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 304
p: x3504


B.A., Duke University
M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina

Current Research Interests

Dr. Downie's research focuses on the creation, content, and implementation of international environmental policy.  His recent publications and work-in progress examine several interrelated issues including global policy to protect stratospheric ozone, reduce anthropogenic emissions of mercury, and limit the release of persistent organic pollutants; changes in how countries operationalize the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities in global environmental policy; and the challenges and competing priorities placed on treaty Secretariats. He has also developed a series of working papers that seek to assist students find authoritative and accurate information on international environmental policy, leading graduate programs in environmental policy, and jobs related to sustainability.

Courses Taught

  1. EV 301: Environment Workshop
  2. HR 300: Interdisciplinary Inquiry
  3. PO 011: Intro to American Politics
  4. PO 131: Int'l Enviromental Policy
  5. PO 132: Climate Change:Pol & Policy
  6. PO 166: American Public Policy
  7. PO 169: US Environ Politics & Policy
  8. PO 190G: Topics: Sem/Globl Environ Poli

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