Image of faculty member, Michael Andreychik

Dr. Michael Robert Andreychik

Associate Professor of Psychology
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 476
p: x2176
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Current Research Interests

My research takes an integrative approach to understanding human social relations, combining research traditions in personality, social, and developmental psychology focused on understanding the bases of prejudice and hostility with those focused on understanding the positive potentialities of human beings. My current research explores the impact of psychological processes on a variety of human experiences including close relationships, moral thought and emotion, intergroup relations, implicit social cognition, and personal and social identity.

Courses Taught

  1. EL 004: Elective Course
  2. PY 101: General Psychology
  3. PY 121: Fundamentals of Social Psych
  4. PY 202: Research Methods in Psychology
  5. PY 221: Social Psychology
  6. PY 222: Stereotyp,Prejudice,Discrmintn
  7. PY 0281A: Topics: Stereotypg
  8. PY 281A: Topics: Stereotypg Prjdce
  9. PY 295: Supervised Research
  10. PY 321: Social Psych / Human Potential
  11. PY 395: Independent Research
  12. WS 399: Independent Study

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