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Dr. Nancy A. Dallavalle

Associate Professor of Religious Studies
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What Catholic women want

Dr. Nancy Dallevalle, associate professor of religious studies, was quoted in a story about opportunities for women in the Roman Catholic Church. "The church simply refusing [to ordain women] means that women will never exercise authority," she said. "They will never shape the institution. They are walled off from shaping" the church.

Published in The Washington Post on 8/21/13

Why was Cardinal Bergoglio elected as the new Pope?

Pope Francis, formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, made history Wednesday by becoming the first Jesuit and Latin American Cardinal to be elected leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Nancy Dallavalle, an associate professor of religious studies at Fairfield University, explains why the Cardinals in the Conclave elected Pope Francis to succeed the papacy.

Appeared on Fios 1 TV, Long Island, NY on 3/13/13

'Pro-life' should mean all life

Dr. Nancy Dallavalle, chair of the Department of Religious Studies, wrote an op-ed that appeared in the newspapers: "Pro-life"? Representative Todd Akin's assertion that a raped woman, if raped viciously enough, will not get pregnant, is false. His subsequent claim that he "misspoke" is also false. This was a well-rehearsed view; this was no momentary gaffe.

Published in Connecticut Post, Stamford Advocate, Danbury News Times, Greenwich Time on 9/6/12

Lawyer predicts more challenges for Obamacare

A quote by Dr. Nancy Dallavalle was featured in this article on the recent Supreme Court decision. "As a Catholic, I look to the Obama administration, as it considers the parameters of the religious exemption, to address the reasonable concerns of Catholic institutions in a way that will seal this important victory for broadened access to health care for all Americans," said Nancy Dallavalle, who runs Fairfield University's religious studies program.

Published in The Boston Herald; Orlando Sentinel; MedCity news on 6/28/12

Catholic leaders to Rep. Paul Ryan: Stop distorting church teaching to justify immoral budget

Faculty members Dr. Paul Lakeland and Dr. Nancy Dallavalle joined prominent theologians, priests and nuns in signing an important statement. Nearly 60 prominent theologians, priests, nuns and national Catholic social justice leaders released a statement today refuting Rep. Paul Ryan's claim that his GOP budget proposal reflects Catholic teaching on care for the poor, which he made in an interview earlier this week with the Christian Broadcasting Network. The group of Catholic leaders - including a former high-ranking U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops official, a priest in Rep. Ryan's district and the leadership team of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas - called on Ryan to "reconsider his radical budget proposal and refrain from distorting Church teaching."

Published in Faith in Public Life on 4/13/12

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