Image of faculty member, William Vasquez Mazariegos

Dr. William F. Vasquez Mazariegos

Associate Professor of Economics
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 301
p: x2363


Selected Publications:

Vásquez, W.F. 2013. “An Economic Valuation of Water Services under Different Approaches of Service Governance.” Water Resources and Economics, 2-3, 17-29.

Vásquez, W.F. and D. Franceschi. 2013. “System Reliability and Water Service      Decentralization: Investigating Household Preferences in Nicaragua.” Water Resources Management, 27(14), 4913-4926.

Vásquez, W.F. 2013. “A Hedonic Valuation of Residential Water Services.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 35(4): 661-678.

Vásquez, W.F. 2013. “Rural Water Services in Guatemala: A Survey of Institutions and Community Preferences.” Water Policy, 15(2), 258-268.

Vásquez, W.F. 2012. “Reliability Perceptions and Water Storage Expenditures: Evidence from Nicaragua.” Water Resources Research, 48(10), doi: 10.1029/2011WR011024

Vásquez, W.F., D. Franceschi, and G. Van Hecken. 2012. “Household Preferences for Municipal Water Services in Nicaragua.” Environment and Development Economics, 17(1), 105-126.

Van Hecken, G., J. Bastiaensen, and W.F. Vásquez. 2012. “The Viability of Local Payments for Watershed Services: Empirical Evidence from Matiguás, Nicaragua.” Ecological Economics, 74, 169-176.

Mozumder, P., W.F. Vásquez, and A. Marathe. 2011. “Consumers’ Preference for Renewable Energy in the Southwest USA.” Energy Economics, 33(6), 1119-1126.

Vásquez, W.F., P. Mozumder, J. Hernández, and R. Berrens. 2009. “Willingness to Pay for Safe Drinking Water: Evidence from Parral, Mexico.” Journal of Environmental Management, 90(11), 3391-3400.

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