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Dr. Vincent J. Rosivach

Professor of Classical Studies
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 126
p: x2337
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Current Research Interests


Professor Rosivach has written two books and over one hundred twenty articles and reviews on a wide variety of literary and historical topics within the field of Classics, as well as articles on slavery in colonial Connecticut.  His current research is focused on the society and institutions of ancient Athens, and on slavery in the town of Fairfield.


As the senior member of Classical Studies Professor Rosivach enjoys teaching a broad range of courses, most in the Core Curriculum.  At present these include courses  on the Greek and Latin languages and on Greek and Roman literature both in the original languages and in English translation, as well as the Greek Civilization history course.

Courses Taught

  1. CL 106: Greek Lit in Engl Translation
  2. CL 107: Roman Lit in Engl Translation
  3. CL 108: Myth in Classical Literature
  4. CL 109: Greek Tragedy/Engl Translation
  5. CL 115: Greek Civilization
  6. CL 127: Romantic Love in Grk&Roman Lit
  7. CL 199A: Topics:Ancnt Historians as Lit
  8. EN 100C: Topics:Ancnt Historians as Lit
  9. EN 106: Greek Lit in Engl Translation
  10. EN 107: Roman Lit in Engl Translation
  11. EN 108: Myth in Classical Literature
  12. EN 109: Greek Tragedy/Engl Translation
  13. EN 127: Romantic Love in Grk&Roman Lit
  14. GR 111: Elementary Attic Greek
  15. GR 210: Intermediate Greek Readings I
  16. GR 211: Intermediate Greek Readings II
  17. LA 111: Basic Latin
  18. LA 210: Readings in Latin I
  19. LA 211: Readings in Latin II

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