Image of faculty member, Ryan Munden

Mr. Ryan A. Munden

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
p: x2764



NSF ATE Co-PI, NEATEC a Regional Center for Nanotechnology and Semiconductor Advanced Technological Education.

NASA CT Space Grant - STEM Outreach through Robotics and Service Learning

NASA CT Space Grant - Fairfield University / ACCESS Education Enhanced Summer STEM Camp 

NASA CT Space Grant - Fairfield University / ACCESS Education Summer STEM Camp

NASA CT Space Grant - for work on High Efficiency Nanowire Photovoltaics

User project at Brookhaven National Laboratory's Center for Functional Nanomaterials to study the effect of nanopillar geometry on solar cell efficiency

User project at Berkeley National Laboratory's Molecular Foundry to develop heterostructured III-V semiconductor nanowires for electronics and optoelectronics

Several specific student projects have also been funded:

NASA CT Space Grant -  Bone Mineral Density Monitor, Autonomous Quadcopter Development, Electric Motorcycle Development, Light Sport Aircraft Design, Ebeam patterning of nanowire catalyst

Hardiman Scholars Program - Bone Mineral Density Monitor

Lawrence Scholars Program - Autonomous Quadcopter Targeting

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