Image of faculty member, Ryan Munden

Mr. Ryan A. Munden

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
p: x2764


Current Research Interests

I currently work at ASML US, Inc. in Wilton, CT.  I manage a group focused on reticle inspection modules, particle detectors, and reducing defects and particle count in semiconductor lithography machines. 

My previous research focused on the growth and characterization of semiconductor nanowires for novel electronics and photovoltaic applications. I have extensive experience in electronics characterization, high-throughput automated measurement system, cryogenics, e-beam and photolithography, MOCVD and chemical beam epitaxy reactor design and construction.

Courses Taught

  1. ECE 420: Readings in ECE
  2. ECE 435: Microelectronics
  3. ECE 455: Sensor Design and Application
  4. ECE 550: Thesis I
  5. ECE 551: Thesis II
  6. EE 213: Intro to Electric Circuits
  7. EE 221: Frequency Domain Circuit Analy
  8. EE 335: Microelectronics
  9. EE 355: Sensor Design and Application
  10. EG 31: Fundamentals of Engineering I
  11. EG 031: Fundamentals of Engineering I
  12. EG 060: STEM of Guitar
  13. EG 260: Robots
  14. MC 300: Feedback Control Systems
  15. MC 400: Feedback & Control Systems
  16. ME 347: Fluid Mechanics
  17. PS 212: Circuit Analys & Analog Sys

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