Image of faculty member, Ryan Drake

Dr. Ryan Drake

Associate Professor of Philosophy
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 221
p: x3357


  • Ryan Drake, Aristotelian Aisthesis and the Violence of Suprematism, Epoche, 2012.
  • Ryan Drake, The Death of Painting (After Plato), Research in Phenomenology, 2011.
  • Ryan Drake,Wonder, Nature, and the Ends of Tragedy,International Philosophical Quarterly, 2010
  • Ryan Drake,Devices of Shock: Adorno's Aesthetics of Film and Fritz Lang's "Fury",Telos, 149 2009
  • Ryan Drake,Natural and Divine Orders: The Politics of Sophocles' Philoctetes,Polis, 24(2) 2007, 179-192
  • Ryan Drake,Extraneous Voices: Orphaned and Adopted Texts in the Protagoras,Epoche, 10(1) 2005, 1-20
  • Ryan Drake and Hans-Helmuth Gander,Between Strangeness and Familiarity: On Gadamer's Conception of a History of Effects,Research in Phenomenology, 34 2004, 121-136
  • Ryan Drake and Samuel Ijselling,Nitezsche's 'Yes' and 'Amen',The Journal of Nietzsche Studies, (21) 2001, 36-43
  • Ryan Drake, Between Objectivity and Insecurity: Adorno and Empirical Social Research,Philosophy Today, 44 2000, 99-107 

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