Image of faculty member, Patricia Calderwood

Dr. Patricia Calderwood

Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
o: Canisius Hall Rm 109
p: x3017


Current Research Interests

The social construction of community, faculty mentoring, community engaged scholarship, scholarship of teaching and learning, teacher education, higher education faculty development.

Courses Taught

  1. ED 200: Explorations in Education
  2. ED 329: Philosophy of Education: Intro
  3. ED 499: Intro to Educational Research
  4. ED 511: EducSocRespons&CivicEngagement
  5. ED 545: DevIntegCurriculumElemStudents
  6. ED 590: Reflective Research Prac/Tch
  7. MD 99: Comprehensive Exam
  8. MD 099: Comp Exam: Schl Library Media
  9. MD 580: DirObsSem SchMediaSpec DSAP II

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