Image of faculty member, Suzanne Chamlin-Richer

Ms. Suzanne Chamlin-Richer

Associate Professor of Visual & Performing Arts
p: x2299


Current Research Interests

I am interested in observation and seeing as a way to familiarize myself with and become closer to places and subjects I have not yet explored. In painting and drawing I respond visually to deepen my understanding for nature. I work directly on site and from memory. Developing an understanding and feeling for the materiality of the medium is fundamental to my studio practice.

In teaching my goals are to guide students to develop a visual vocabulary upon which to build a personal language of expression. I feel each person's unique way of seeing can be developed from the beginning by identifying the strengths in the ways s/he interprets visual information by nurturing their ability to explore invention.



Courses Taught

  1. SA 13: Foundation:Figure Drawing
  2. SA 013: Introduction to Figure Drawing
  3. SA 015: Introduction to Painting
  4. SA 130: Painting I
  5. SA 138: From Drawing to Painting
  6. SA 139: Watercolor
  7. SA 300: Seminar: Junior Project
  8. SA 301: Seminar: Sr Portfolio Exhibit
  9. SA 302: Independent Study
  10. SA 304: Studio Internship

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