Image of faculty member, Stephanie Storms

Dr. Stephanie Storms

Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
o: Canisius Hall Rm 220
p: x3334


Peer-reviewed Articles

Hartwell, Erica, Kirsten Cole, Sarah Donovan, Ruth Greene, Stephanie Burrell Storms, and Theodora Williams. 2017. "Breaking Down Silos: Teaching for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Across Disciplines." Humboldt Journal of Social Relations 1 (39): 143-162.

Smith, E., Calderwood, P., Burrell Storms, S., Gill Lopez, P., & Colwell, R. (2016). Institutionalizing Faculty Mentoring within a Community of Practice Model. To Improve the Academy, 35 (1), 35-71.

Burrell Storms, S. (2015). Social Justice in Practice? Exploring Teacher Candidates’ Commitment Toward Change Agency Through Action Research. Action in Teacher Education, 37, 1-16.

Burrell Storms, S., Lebonte, M., Siscar, A., & Martin, S. (2015). Collaborative Learning and Innovative Assessment in Humanitarian StudiesInternational Perspectives Journal, 16, 107-126.

Burrell Storms, S (2014). Using Social Justice Vignettes to Prepare Students for Social Action EngagementMulticultural Perspectives, 16(1), 1-7.

Burrell Storms, S. (2013). Preparing Teachers for Social Justice Advocacy: Am I Walking My Talk? Multicultural Education, 20(2), 33-39. 

Burrell Storms, S. (2012). Preparing Students for Social Action in a Social Justice Education Course: What Works? Equity & Excellence in Education, 45(4), 547-560. 

Naser, C., Donoghue, K., & Burrell, S. (2012). The Eyes and Ears of Engagement: Using RAs to Assess Resident EngagementJournal of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, 2(2), 196-210.

Book Chapters

Calderwood, P., Burrell Storms, S., Grund, T., Battaglia, N., & Sheeran, E. (2017). Teacher candidates’ dispositions for civic engagement and social responsibility: Discernment and action. In D. Liston and R. Rahimi (Eds). Promoting social justice through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. 

Burrell, S. (2012). Building community at a Jesuit University through diversity learning circles. In S. Thompson, Views from the frontline: Voices of conscience on college campuses. Champaign, IL: Common Ground Publishing


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