Image of faculty member, Min Xu

Dr. Min Xu

Associate Professor of Physics
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 119
p: x3440
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B.S., M.S., Fudan University, China
Ph.D., City University of New York

Current Research Interests

  • Optical physics, light in soft condensed matter (e.g. atmosphere, suspensions, biological tissue and cells): depolarization, decoherence, localization and propagation, mulitple scattering, weak localization of light, coherent backscattering of partially spatially coherent light.
  • Biomedical optics:  noninvasive imaging; bacteria, cell and nucleus characterization, size distribution and fractal structure; spectroscopic techniques and their biomedical applications; live cell microscopy, differential interference constrast microscopy.
  • Stochastic processes and complex systems, statistical physics
  • Laser interaction with and munipulation of bio-molecules and nano-particles
  • Inverse problems in physical and biological sciences:  inverse scattering problems and noninvasive imaging; noninvasive probing mesoscopic structure and dynamics of soft matters, correlated spectroscopy; remote sensing.

Courses Taught

  1. PS 15: General Physics I
  2. PS 16: General Physics II
  3. PS 16L: General Physics II Lab
  4. PS 071: Physics of Light and Color
  5. PS 115L: General Physics I Lab
  6. PS 115: General Physics I
  7. PS 115L: General Physics I Lab
  8. PS 115: General Physics I
  9. PS 116: General Physics II
  10. PS 116L: General Physics II Lab
  11. PS 222: Modern Optics
  12. PS 271: Electricity & Magnetism I
  13. PS 371: Electricity & Magnetism II
  14. PS 391: Theoretical/Experimental Capst
  15. PS 392: Theoretical/Experimental Capst
  16. PS 399: Independent Study

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