Image of faculty member, Barbara Welles

Dr. Barbara L. Welles

Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
o: Canisius Hall Rm 114
p: x3262



  • The Karolinska Institutet: First Linneus-Palme University exchange teacher to Trivandrum Nursing College, 2004.
  • Invited to Plan Collaborative Research with University of Connecticut, 2002.


  • Travel Grant to Univesity of Connecticut. Swedish Council for working Life and Social Research (FAS). 2004.
  • Invited Senior Research Fellow to Department of Family Studies. University of Connecticut. 2004.
  • Travel Grant to AAA Conference in New Orleans. The Swedish Research Council (VR). 2002.
  • Travel grant to SRCD conference. Karolinska Institute. 2001.
  • Travel Grant for Shanghai Conference. Karolinska Instiute. 1999.
  • Travel Grant for Shanghai Conference on Women and Children. Swedish Institute. 1999.
  • New Ways to Spread Research Information. Forskningsrädets nämnden (FRN). 1999.
  • Grant to organize a conference “Feminists doing Psychological Anthropology Year 2000. Humanistiska Samhällsventenskapliga Forskningrä. 1999.
  • Travel Grant. Swedish Institute. 1998.
  • Inivation to Participate in Research Conference “Children, Culture, and Education. Spencer Foundation. 1998.
  • Three year research grant “The Swedish Family”. Social Science Research Council (HSFR). 1997.
  • travel grant. Wenner Grent. 1996.
  • Travel Grant. Swedish Institute. 1995.
  • To Collect Data on Children and Violence. Stockholm University. 1994.
  • Research Grant to Collect Data in St.Petersburg, Russia. Stockholm University. 1993.
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. University of California at Los Angeles. 1991.
  • Travel Grant. Clara Lachmans. 1990.
  • Three Year Research Grant. Humanistiska Samh$auml;llsventenskapliga Foskningrsrädet. 1990.
  • Research Grant. Mjölkdroppen. 1990.
  • Travel Grant. Wenner Grant. 1989.
  • Travel Grant. Swedish Intitute. 1989.
  • Research Grant. Swedish Insitute. 1988.
  • Travel Grant. Wallenbers Foundation. 1987.
  • Styrelsen för Saällskapet Barnavärd. Stockholms Socialförvaltning. 1982.
  • Grant for Graduate Women. Radcliffe Summer Grant. 1982.
  • Första Maj Blomma Grant. Första Maj Blomma Grant. 1981.
  • Thord Grey Fellowship. American Scandinacian Foundation. 1980.
  • Expresens Perinatal Foundation. Expresens Perinatal Foundation. 1980.
  • Grant for Graduate Wome. Radcliffe Summer Grant. 1979.
  • American Filed Service Exchange. Visby, Sweden. 1967.

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