Image of faculty member, Barbara Welles

Dr. Barbara L. Welles

Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
o: Canisius Hall Rm 114
p: x3262


B.A., Pennsylvania State University
Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University

Current Research Interests

Research interests of Dr. Welles include reproductive health issues, particularly in relation to pregnancy and the early postpartum period of life for the infant and her parents. Much of her cross-cultural comparative research is framed within qualitative research methods with a feminist perspective. Dr. Welles has conducted several international studies of families, including mother-infant interaction in Russia, based at the Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm, Sweden and childrearing practices of Swedish parents, with colleagues at University of Connecticut. Both of these studies continue to produce research and Dr. Welles-Nystrom is still an active participant in these projects. Furthermore, Dr. Welles is interested in working with international educational exchange programs for students and teachers.   

Courses Taught

  1. ED 241: Educational Psychology
  2. ED 442: Educational Psychology
  3. ED 499: Intro to Educational Research
  4. ED 522: Learning & Child's Experience
  5. ED 523: Glbl&Soc-CultPers Lrng&Develop
  6. PY 111: Dev Psychology for Non-Majors

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