Image of faculty member, Vishnu Vinekar

Mr. Vishnu V. Vinekar

Associate Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management
o: Dolan School of Business Rm 1117
p: x2831
Faculty Website


Vinekar, V. & Teng, J. T. C. (Forthcoming) IT Impacts in Information and Physical Product Industries; Accepted for publication in the Journal of Computer Information Systems (Expected publication date late 2012 / early 2013)

Vinekar, V. & Teng, J. T. C. (2012) The Roles of IT in Physical and Information Product Industries: Testing a Contingency Model of the IT-Productivity Relationship. Journal of Information Technology Management, 23(2), pp. 1-16.

Vinekar, V. & Teng, J. T. C. (2012) The Resource Based View of IT Business Value: Complementary Investments or Embedded Knowledge? Journal of Information & Knowledge Management,11(1), pp. 1250005 1-13

Vinekar, V., Langran, E. & Tellis, W. (2011) Using ICT and Service Learning in Rural Senegal: Project funded by USAID/HED. Issues in Information Systems, 12(1), pp. 464-472.

Vinekar, V. & Huntley, Christopher L. (2010) Agility versus Maturity: Is There Really a Trade-Off? Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer, 43(5), pp. 87-89.

Vinekar, V., Teng, J. T. C., & Chennamaneni, A. (2009) The Interaction of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management in Organizational Decision-Making; Journal of International Technology and Information Management 18(2), pp. 143-159 - Keynote Paper

Lavelle, J., Brockner, B., Konovsky, M., Price, K., Henley, A., Taneja, A., & Vinekar, V. (2009) Commitment, Procedural Fairness and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Multifoci Analysis. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 30(3), pp. 337-357.

Vinekar, V., Slinkman, C., & Nerur, S. (2006) Can Agile and Traditional Systems Development Approaches Co-Exist? An Ambidextrous View; Information Systems Management, 23(3), pp. 31-42

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