Image of faculty member, Adam Rugg

Dr. Adam E. Rugg

Assistant Professor Communication
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 222
p: x3043


Rugg, A. (2019). Working Out Their Future: The NFL's Play 60 Campaign and the Production of Adolescent Fans and Players. Journal of Sport and Social Issues.

Rugg, A. (2018) For the Good of the Game: Diffusing the Dangers of Football Through the National Football League's 'A Crucial Catch' Campaign. Critical Public Health

Rugg, A. (2018). The NFL and the Media. In Football: An American Obsession, Edited by Gerald Gems. 

Rugg, A. (2017). Civilizing the Child: Violence, Masculinity, and Race in Media Narratives of James Harrison. Communication & Sport. 

Rugg, A. (2016). America’s game: The NFL’s “Salute to Service” Campaign, the Diffused Military Presence, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Popular Communication 14:1. 21-29.

A. Rugg, & Burroughs, B. (2016). Periscope, Live-Streaming and Mobile Video Culture. InGeoblocking and Video Culture, Edited by Ramon Lobato and James Meese.

Burroughs, B., & Rugg, A. (2014). Extending the Broadcast: Streaming Culture and the Problem of Digital Geographies. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 58:3, 365-380.

Rugg, A. (2013). Risk, Crisis, and Mobilization in the Twitter Use of US Senatorial Candidates in 2010. In War of the Worlds to Social Media. Edited by Joy Hayes, Kathleen Battles, and Wendy Hilton-Morrow 

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