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Dr. Jie Tao

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Refereed Journal Articles

Z. Ma, J. Tao, J. Hu, “The Dynamics of Wikipedia Article Revisions: An Analysis of Revision Activities and Patterns”, International Journal of Data Mining, Modeling and Management (IJDMMM), forthcoming

X. He, M. Sheu, J. Tao, “A Data-Centric Analysis on Stem Majoring and Success: Attitude and Readiness,” Journal of International Technology Information Management, 2016(25:3), pp. 1-26.

A. V. Deokar, J. Tao, “Semantics-based Event Log Aggregation for Process Mining and Analytics,” Information Systems Frontiers, 2015(17), pp. 1209-1226.

S. Sen, J. Tao, and A. V. Deokar, “On the Role of Ontologies in Information Extraction,” Annals of Information Systems, 2014 (18), pp. 115 - 133.

O. F. El-Gayar, A. V. Deokar, J. Tao, “DSS-CMM: A capability maturity model for DSS development processes,” International Journal of Decision Support System Technology (IJDSST), 3(4), IGI Global, 2011

J. Tao, H. Wang, Y. Shang, “Applying Workflow System Based on ASP pattern in Automobile Industry,” Computer Systems and Applications, 2010 (8) (In Chinese) (Chinese Impact Factor: 0.666)

J. Tao, H. Wang, Y. Shang, “Research on Semantic Conflicts Handling in Workflow Coordination among Members of Dynamic Alliance,” Computer Systems and Applications, 2009 (12) (In Chinese) (Chinese Impact Factor: 0.666)

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