Image of faculty member, Djedjiga Belfadel

Dr. Djedjiga Belfadel
o: Bannow Rm 106
p: x2527


Current Research Interests

My research interests include signal processing, machine vision, embedded systems, target tracking, data association, sensor fusion, stochastic processes, and other aspects of estimation.

Courses Taught

  1. CR 346: Computer System Architecture
  2. ECE 415: Eng Applications of Num Methds
  3. ECE 441: Computer Systems Architecture
  4. EG 031: Fundamentals of Engineering I
  5. EG 145: Mathematical Analysis
  6. EG 145P: Mathematical Analysis PLG
  7. EG 145: Mathematical Analysis
  8. EG 145P: Mathematical Analysis PLG
  9. EG 145: Mathematical Analysis
  10. EG 145P: Mathematical Analysis PLG
  11. ME 415: Eng Applications of Num Methds
  12. ME 425: Eng Applications of Num Methds

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