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Dr. Jamie C. Macbeth

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
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Current Research Interests

Because symbolic manipulation defines intelligent computational processes in many domains, one expects richer interactions between intelligent entities when they are based on symbolic expressions — otherwise known as language. My current work is focused on building and studying intelligent computing systems that interact with users through expressions in both natural and formal language.

To achieve these aims, I am designing interactive systems to collect and organize the structured knowledge of human and social concepts that computers need to understand human language in-depth. I apply them in building interactive systems that comprehend narratives and participate in discourse.

I also study how humans interact with formal languages of software, and use the insights gained to build intuitive and intelligent development environments. I hope to generalize this work to interactive symbolic computing environments for mathematics, physics and other theoretical sciences.

For more information, visit my personal webpage at

Courses Taught

  1. CS 101: Introduction to Computing
  2. CS 131: Fundamentals of Programming
  3. SW 407: Java for Programmers
  4. SW 483: Independent Study
  5. SW 550: Capstone Professional Proj I
  6. SW 551: Capstone Professional Proj II
  7. SW 560: Software Engineering Thesis I

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