Image of faculty member, Debra Strauss

Dr. Debra M. Strauss

Professor of Business Law
o: Dolan School of Business Rm 2118
p: x3160



  • Food & Drug Law Institute Scholar
  • Helen A. Snyder Graduate Fellowship
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Cornell University
  • Articles Editor, Yale Law & Policy Review
  • Judicial Clerkship, Honorable Charles L. Brieant, Chief Judge/District Judge, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York


  • Dolan School of Business Outstanding Research Paper Award, 2014: "An Analysis of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act: Protection for Consumers and Boon for Business"
  • Fairfield University F.W.C. A.A.U.P. Colleague of the Year Award, 2013 (presented for outstanding commitment, service to the university, and leadership on behalf of the faculty)
  • Best Paper Award, North East Academy of Legal Studies in Business Annual Meeting, 2012: "Achieving the Food Safety Mandate: Bringing the USDA to the Table"
  • The George E. Lang, Jr. Award, Connecticut State Conference-A.A.U.P., 2011 (presented for faculty leadership, dedication to academic freedom, shared governance, and faculty rights and responsibilities)
  • Best Paper Award, North East Academy of Legal Studies in Business Annual Meeting, 2008: "Reaching Out to the International Community: Civil Lawsuits as the Common Ground in the Battle against Terrorism"


  • "Blocking the Financial Trail to Terrorism: Collection upon Judgments for the Victims," DSB Summer Research Stipend, 2018
  • "The Intervention of the Executive Branch in Terrorism Judgment Cases: A Public Policy Analysis for a Unified Approach by the U.S. Government," Fairfield University Research Sabbatical, 2013
  • "The Role of Courts, Agencies, and Congress in GMOs: A Multilateral Approach to Ensuring the Safety of the Food Supply," DSB Summer Research Stipend, 2011
  • "Law and Society Program Development," Humanities Institute Grant, 2011
  • "Patentability of Life: Reconsidering the Grant of Intellectual Property Rights for Genetically Modified Organisms" and "The Application of TRIPS to GMOs: International Intellectual Property Rights and Biotechnology," Fairfield University Pre-tenure Research Leave, 2008
  • "Critical Pedagogy and Course Development in International Studies"; Course development, "International Law and Ethics of Genetically Modified Food," Humanities Institute Grant, 2008
  • "Feast or Famine: The Impact of the WTO Decision Favoring the U.S. Biotechnology Industry in the EU Ban of GM Foods," DSB Summer Research Stipend, 2007

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