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Food Safety and GMOs:
  • Debra M. Strauss, "Genetically Modified Organisms in Food: Ethical Tensions and the Labeling Initiative" in H. S. James, Jr. (Ed.), Ethical Tensions from New Technology: The Case of Agricultural Biotechnology. CABI Publishing Biotechnology Series (2018): 83-96.
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  • Debra M. Strauss, "It’s Wise to be Proactive: Learn about the FDA’s New Food Safety Regulations Now," Food Manufacturing (Nov. 4, 2013).
  • Debra M. Strauss, Op-Ed, U.S. News & World Report: Debate Club: Should Consumers Worry about Genetically Modified Foods?, "Until Proven Otherwise, GMOs Aren't Safe" (June 5, 2013).
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  • Debra M. Strauss, "The Role of Courts, Agencies, and Congress in GMOs: A Multilateral Approach to Ensuring the Safety of the Food Supply". Idaho Law Review 48.2 (2012): 267-319.
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International Law and Terrorism:

  • Debra M. Strauss, "Reaching Out to the International Community: Civil Lawsuits as the Common Ground in the Battle against Terrorism". Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law 19.2 (2009): 307-356.
  • Debra M. Strauss, "Enlisting the U.S. Courts in a New Front: Dismantling the International Business Holdings of Terrorist Groups Through Federal Statutory and Common-Law Suits". Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 38.3 (2005): 679-742.

Courts and Judicial Clerkships:

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