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Dr. Kraig Steffen

Associate Professor of Chemistry
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  • Albert J. Fry, Lawrence K. Steffen, "On the nature of tetralkylammonium ions in common electrochemical solvents:  general an specific olvation - Quantitative aspects") J. Electroanalytical Chemistry, 638, 218-224. (2010)
  • Xin Wu, Anthony P. Davis, Peter C. Lambert, L. Kraig Steffen, Ozan Toy, Albert J. Fry, “Substituent effects on the redox properties and structure of substituted triphenylamines. An experimental and computational study”   Tetrahedron, 65, 2408-2414, (2009). 
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  • Angelika Niemz, Alejandro Cuello, L. Kraig Steffen, Benjamin F. Plummer, Vincent M. Rotello "Electron Confinement in Structurally Constrained s-bonded p Systems.  An Experimental and Density Functional Investigation" J. Am. Chem. Soc., 122, 4798 - 4802. (2000)
  • L. Kraig Steffen, Ching Kong, Mike Papagikos"An AM1 Semi-empirical Study of Longitudinal Twisting in PAH and CPAH",Theochem, 419, 205-211. (1997)
  • L. Kraig Steffen, Benjamin F. Plummer , Tala L. Braley, W. Greg Reese, Kathryn Zych, Gregory Van Dyke, Michael Gill.  "Electron Transfer Properties of Non-Alternant, Substituted Compounds Related to Fluoranthene.  Experimental Determination and Theoretical Modeling of Electrochemical Oxidation and Reduction Potentials in Non-aqueous Solution." J. Phys. Org. Chem., 10, 623-630. (1997)
  • Janet E. Nelson, Stewart A. Williamson, L. Kraig Steffen, "Using Molecular Modeling to Enhance Visualization in the Organic Chemistry Classroom" Chemical Educator, 1, 6,  S 1430-4171 (97)06074-3.  Available at URL:  htt p://journa /chedr, (1996)

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