Image of faculty member, Alyson Martin

Dr. Alyson M. Martin

Assistant Professor of Special Education
o: Canisius Hall Rm 219
p: x3024


Current Research Interests

Dr. Martin's research interests include special education teacher burnout and stress, educating students with ID and Autism, working with families with children with disabilities, as well as co-teaching practices in higher education. 

Courses Taught

  1. ED 579: Dir Observations/Sec DSAP I
  2. SE 99: Comp Exam: Special Education
  3. SE 099: Comp Exam: Special Education
  4. SE 410: Autism Spectrum Disorders
  5. SE 411: Intro Indiv w/Intellect Disabi
  6. SE 500: Autism Spectrum Disorders
  7. SE 534: Skill Dev for Indiv Educ Plans
  8. SE 537: Curric&Meth/Students w/Disabil
  9. SE 591: Practica in Special Education
  10. SE 592: Practica in Special Education
  11. SE 593: Student Teaching in Special Ed

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