Image of faculty member, Sergio Adrada Rafael

Dr. Sergio Adrada Rafael
o: Canisius Hall Rm 215
p: x3410


Current Research Interests

Second language acquisition (SLA) and pedagogy, psycholinguistics applied to second language learning, the role of Individual differences in SLA, Heritage speakers. 

Courses Taught

  1. SP 110: Elementary Spanish I
  2. SP 111: Elementary Spanish II
  3. SP 210: Intermediate Spanish I
  4. SP 211: Intermediate Spanish II
  5. SP 225: Spanish & English in Contrast
  6. SP 231: Career Spanish for Business
  7. SP 231B: Career Spanish for Business
  8. SP 285: Intro to Spanish Linguistics
  9. SP 309: Bilingualism in Span-Spk World
  10. SP 381: Coordinating Seminar
  11. SP 382: Independent Study

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