Image of faculty member, Sriharsha Srinivas Sundarram

Dr. Sriharsha Srinivas Sundarram

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 163A
p: x2634
Faculty Website



  • V. Kakumanu and S.S. Sundarram, “Dual Pore Network Polymer Foams for Biomedical Applications via Combined Solid State Foaming and Additive Manufacturing,” Materials Letters, February 2018 (213, 366-369)
  • D. Jose, V. Zanardi and S.S. Sundarram, “Fabrication of Bulk Graded Microcellular Nickel Foams Using Combined Electroless and Electroplating of Polymer Sphere Template,” Manufacturing Letters, April 2016 (8, 1-5)
  • W. Jiang, S.S. Sundarram, and W. Li, “Fabrication of Microcellular Metal Foams with Sphere Template Electrodeposition,” Manufacturing Letters, October 2014 (2, 118-121)
  • S.S. Sundarram and W. Li, “The Effect of Pore Size and Porosity on Thermal Management Performance of Phase Change Material Infiltrated Microcellular Metal Foams,” Applied Thermal Engineering, March 2014 (64(1-2), 147-154)
  • W. Jiang, S.S. Sundarram, D. Wong, J.H. Koo and W. Li, “Polyetherimide Nano-Composite Foams as an Ablative for Thermal Protection Applications,” Composites Part B, March 2014 (58, 559-565)
  • S.S. Sundarram, W. Jiang and W. Li, “Fabrication of Small Pore Size Nickel Foams using Electroless Plating of Solid-state Foamed Immiscible Polymer Blends,” Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, January 2014 (136(2), 021002)
  • S.S. Sundarram and W. Li, “On Thermal Conductivity of Micro- and Nano-cellular Polymer Foams,” Polymer Science and Engineering, September 2013 (53(9), 1901-1909)


  • S.S. Sundarram, D. Jose and C. Gutierrez, “Fabrication of Bulk Skinless Polyetherimide Nanofoams”, ASME IMECE 2016, Phoenix, AZ, November 2016.
  • S.S. Sundarram, "Implementation of Hands-on Learning Module into Machine Design Curriculum via Class Project", ASEE Northeast Section Conference 2016, Kingston, RI, April 2016.


  • S.S. Sundarram, Y.H. Kim and W. Li, “Preparation and Characterization of Poly(etherimide) Nanocomposites and Nanocomposites Foams,”  in Manufacturing of Nanocomposites with Engineering Plastics, Woodhead Publishing, Chapter 4, July 2015.


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