Image of faculty member, Joyce Shea

Dr. Joyce Muriel Shea

Associate Professor of Nursing
o: NHS Rm 201E
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Integrating spirituality into undergraduate nursing curricula

Joyce M. Shea, D. N. Sc., assistant professor of nursing, and Suzanne Campbell, Ph.D., associate dean for academic programs, discussed how School of Nursing faculty have integrated spirituality into nursing curricula. Dr. Campbell mentioned how Fairfield's core curriculum includes classes for students to learn about other religions, classes that help nursing students identify what their spiritual beliefs are. "We hope they ask themselves, 'Where am I on my spiritual journey? And how will it effect how I look at a patient?'" Dr. Shea added, "All of us at here wanted to enter (spiritual care) in through case studies and through talking about a particular situation that might arise in practice. And then ask students, 'What would you as the nurse do?'"

Broadcast on the radio program Life, Love & Health syndicated on radio stations nationwide on 12/12/08

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