Image of faculty member, Kris Sealey

Dr. Kris Sealey

Associate Professor of Philosophy
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 305
p: x3020



Moments of Disruption: Levinas, Sartre and The Question of Transcendence,State University of New York Press, Albany 2013

Review essay of White Self-Criticality beyond Anti-racism; How does it Feel to Be a White Problem, ed. George Yancy, Lexington Books, 2015, in Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, September 2016

“Power as (or in) Vulnerability: Fanon and Levinas on an Ethical Politics”, Listening: Journal of Communication Ethics, Religion and Culture,Winter 2015

“The Stakes of Continental Feminism”, in philoSOPHIA: A Journal of Continental Feminism, Volume 7 (1), June 2017

“Levinas and the Critical Philosophy of Race”, chapter contribution in the Oxford Handbook series on Levinas, February 2018

“Decolonial Options in Melville’s Moby Dick”, in Melville Among the Philosophers, Lexington Press, October 2017

"Levinas, Sartre and the Question of (Black) Solidarity”, Levinas Studies, an Annual Review, Volume 7, September 2012, Ed. John E. Drabinski

“Desire as Disruption”, Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory, Volume 11(3), Winter 2011, Ed. Carl Raschke

 “The Primacy of Disruption in Levinas’ Account of Transcendence”, Research in Phenomenology, Volume 40 (3), 2010, Ed. John Sallis

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 Review of Phenomenologies of the Stranger, Between Hostility and Hospitality, ed. Richard Kearney and Kascha Semonovitch, Fordham University Press, 2011, Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy, July 2012





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