Image of faculty member, Katherine Schwab

Dr. Katherine A. Schwab

Professor of Visual & Performing Arts
o: Canisius Hall Rm 308
p: x2439


B.A., Scripps College
M.A., Southern Methodist University
Ph.D., New York University

Current Research Interests

Dr. Schwab's research is centered around iconography, color, and the presence and use of metal attachments within the Parthenon East and North Metopes. Her examination of each metope includes careful study of the entire surface in different light conditions, presently in the Acropolis Museum. Part of this study includes graphite drawings of the current surface condition which she developed to better understand the extant features. She is creating a corpus of proposed reconstructions of the original composition in graphite and color drawings of the east metopes. The results provide students, scholars, and museum visitors a better understanding of both the original appearance for each composition and the interplay between each series within the metope program. 

Her research on ancient Greek hairstyles began with experimental archaeology to learn if the Caryatid Hairstyles with their voluminous fishtail braids could be recreated. The success of that project led to further work, including a photographic exhibition at the Greek Consulate General/NYC and the Embassy of Greece in Washingon, D.C. She and her colleague Dr. Marice Rose have conducted a series of collaborations concerning ancient hairstyles and their meaning: a co-authored article for the journal Catwalk, an exhibition Hair in the Classical World at the Bellarmine Galleries, a symposium in conjunction with the exhibition, as well as collaborations for publications in progress. In July 2018 she will present research on the Caryatid Hairstyling project at the World Congress of the International Dance Council in Athens.

The Plaster Cast Collection, which Dr. Schwab initiated in 1991, has grown to 100 pieces with Classical, Medieval and Renaissance examples. The majority pertain to the Classical world, and the number and quality of Parthenon examples position the collection as one of the finest in the greater NYC metropolitan area. Students who participate in the plaster cast seminar have the opportunity to contribute to conducting research, cleaning techniques, documentation, and contributing text for brochures.




Courses Taught

  1. AH 10: Origins & Transform Westrn Art
  2. AH 010: Origins & Transform Westrn Art
  3. AH 111: Greek Art and Archaeology
  4. AH 209: MetMuseum/Art Cast Coll@Ffld
  5. AH 210: Myth in Classical Art
  6. AH 290: Topics: Hair in Classical Wrld
  7. AH 300: Independent Study
  8. HR 300: Interdisciplinary Inquiry

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