Image of faculty member, Glenn Sauer

Dr. Glenn R. Sauer

Associate Professor of Biology
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 218
p: x2741


Glenn Sauer Thoughts for the Week radio interview

Dr. Sauer discusses his God and Modern Biology project sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation. This project seeks to develop programs for Catholic parishes and schools of the Diocese of Bridgeport that will explore the relationship between science and religion. There are two interviews in this series. In the first, on April 29, he discussed the historical relationship between science and religion as well as the Big Bang and modern cosmology. In Connecticut the stations/times are: WLAD 800AM 7:30 AM WVOX 1460AM 6:00 AM WJMJ 88.9FM 6:30 AM 93.1FM 6:30AM 107.1FM 6:30 AM Broadcast nationally on ABC Radio Affiliates on those dates (times will vary).

Appeared on WLAD 800 AM, WVOX 1460 AM, WJMJ 88.9 FM, 93.1FM, 107.1 FM (Broadcast nationally on ABC Radio Affiliates) on 4/29/12

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