Image of faculty member, W Ronald Salafia

Dr. Ron Salafia

Professor of Psychology
o: Bannow Science Center N Rm 468
p: x2394
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  • Salafia, W.R. (2000). The laws of behavior and the laws of motion: Some parallels. In D.A. Washburn, Controversial issues in Psychology: Behaviorist and cognitive perspectives on the laws of behavior. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Atlanta, GA.
  • Salafia, W.R., & DaRos, D.A. (1993). Some Limitations on the Use of the Forced-Choice Technique for Target Detection Research. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 37th Annual Meeting, 1360-1364
  • Salafia, W.R. (1990). Target detection performance as a function of color in sonar gram displays. (Technical Report No. 8647) New London, CT: Naval Underwater Systems Center.
  • Salafia, W.R. (1987). Pavlovian conditioning, information processing, and the hippocampus. In I. Gormezano, W.P., Prokasy, & R.F. Thompson (Eds.), Classical conditioning III:  Behavioral, neurophysiological and neurochemical studies in the rabbit. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.  
  • Salafia, W.R., & Allan, A.M. (1982). Augmentation of latent inhibition by electrical stimulation of hippocampus. Physiology and Behavior, 29, 1125-1130.
  • Salafia, W.R., Host, K.C., Lambert, R.W., Chiaia, N.L., & Ramirez, J.J. (1980).  Rabbit nictitating membrane conditioning: Lower limit of the effect interstimulus interval. Animal Learning and Behavior, 8, 85-91.
  • Salafia, W.R., Martino, L.J., Cloutman, K., & Romano, A.G. (1979). Unconditioned stimulus locus and interstimulus interval shift in rabbit nictitating membrane conditioning. Pavlovian Journal of Biological Science, 14, 64-71.
  • Salafia, W.R., Daston, A.P., Bartosiak, R.S., Hurley, J., & Martino, L.J. (1974).  Classical nictitating membrane conditioning in rabbits as a function of unconditioned stimulus locus. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, 86, 628-636.
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  • Misiak, H., Zenhausern, R., & Salafia, W.R. (1966). Continuous temporal evaluation of the effects of meprobamate on critical flicker frequency in normal subjects. Psychopharmacologia, 9, 457-461.    

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