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Dr. Gavriel D. Rosenfeld

Professor of HIstory
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You know who else made jokes about Hitler?

Dr. Gavriel Rosenfeld, professor of history and author of a new book on Hitler, shared that in the 21st century, people have developed news ways of referencing Hitler and his crimes that diminish the horrific actualities of the Holocaust.

Published in The Boston Globe on 2/15/15

This year’s surprise bestseller turns the Holocaust into a sentimental mess

Dr. Gavriel D. Rosenfeld, professor of history, discusses how the Nazi past has been ‘normalized’ in today’s society, the subject of his new book, “Hi Hitler! How the Nazi Past is Being Normalized in Contemporary Culture.”

Published in The New Republic on 1/14/15

Will a New Edition of Mein Kampf Revive Nazism?

Dr. Gavriel Rosenfeld weighs in on this troubling topic.

Published in Newsweek ; The Conversation on 3/11/15

How should we remember 9/11?

For now, as conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan continue, it is too soon to know how 9/11 will be remembered or even if future generations will always commemorate the date. "We can put aside political disagreements for a day when names are read on 9/11 and then we go back to 364 days a year of haggling over whether we should've done this or that," said Gavriel Rosenfeld, a historian at Fairfield University in Connecticut. "It sums up the basic point that the whole story of 9/11 hasn't been written yet because we're still in the midst of it."

Published in Discovery News on 9/2/11

When is a glass box not just a glass box?

Philadelphia's new National Museum of American Jewish History by Gavriel Rosenfeld

Published in The Jewish Daily Forward on 7/16/10

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