Image of faculty member, Carole Pomarico

Ms. Carole A. Pomarico

Assistant Professor of Nursing
o: NHS Rm 401D
p: x2711


Professor Carole Pomarico is an Assistant Professor and the Adult Program Director in the School of Nursing at Fairfield University.  She taught pediatrics to undergraduate, second degree and RN/BSN students for twenty eight years before she became the Adult Program Director.  Her current role includes recruitment and advisement for the non-traditional student. Carole reaches out to the community to encourage prospective students to pursue nursing as a career.  As the Adult Program Director, she has increased the enrollment in the second degree program as well as the RN/BSN program. Her commitment and passion for nursing and students has made her a valuable person in the recruitment and retention of students.

Carole completed a Master of Science in Nursing at University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Arts at Fairfield University. She is a Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist. Her professional interests include non -traditional adult education and advocacy for the well being of all nursing students.  She received a grant from the Helene Fuld Health Trust in collaboration with Duke University. The purpose of the grant was “Evaluating the Outcomes of Nursing Education. She also has received two grants from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which provides funds to those person who are underrepresented in nursing. She currently teaches the second degree accelerated students Introduction to Professional Nursing and Transition to Professional Nursing.  The courses that she teaches the RN/BSN students are Professional Nursing and Transition.

Professor Pomarico serves on the Fairfield University School of Nursing Partnership Council, Fairfield University School of Nursing Advisory Board,Connecticut Community Colleges Advisory Board,Norwalk Community College Advisory Board, St. Vincent's College Advisory Board, and Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing Advisory Board. She has been an active member of The Business Council of Fairfield County where she served on the   One Coast One Future Health Care Workforce Initiative

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