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Dr. Eric Mielants

Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
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  • The Origins of Capitalism and the Rise of the West. Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 2007. [paperback ed. 2008, Japanese translation: Fujiwara-shoten, Kyoto, 2011 ; Korean translation, Geulhangari Publishers, Seoul, 2012 ; Indian edition, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, New Delhi, 2013, Audiobook version narrated by John Skinner, Audible Inc., Newark, NJ, 2015  ].
  • Caribbean Migration to the US and Western Europe: Essays on Incorporation, Identity and Citizenship, co-edited with Ramón Grosfoguel and Margarita Cervantes-Rodríguez, Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 2009.
  • Mass Migration in the World-System: Past, Present and Future, co-edited with Terry-Ann Jones, Routledge, NY, 2010.

Some Representative Articles and Essays:

“The State and the Market in Capitalism: frères ennemis ?” in Revue Internationale de Philosophie, Nr. 285, vol. 72, 2018, p. 267-278 

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'The Long-Durée Entanglement Between Islamophobia and Racism in the Modern/Colonial Capitalist/Patriarchal World-System' (with R. Grosfoguel) in Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge, Vol. V, nr. 1, 2006, p. 1-12.

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