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Dr. John R. Miecznikowski

Associate Professor of Chemistry
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 311
p: x2125
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Publications as a Faculty member at Fairfield University

  1. Lynn, M.A.*;Miecznikowski, J.R.*; Jasinski, J.P.; Kaur, M.; Mercado, B.Q.; Reinheimer, E.; Almanza, E.; Kharbouch, R.M.; Smith, M.R.; Zygmont, S.E.“Copper(I) SNS Pincer Complexes: Impact of Ligand Design and Solvent Coordination on Conformer Interconversion from Spectroscopic and Computational Studies.” Manuscript in Review, 2018.
  2. Miecznikowski, J.R.*;Bernier, N.A.; Van Akin, C.A.; Bonitatibus, S.C.; Morgan, M.E.Kharbouch, R. M.;Mercado, B.Q.; Lynn, M.A.   “Deactivation of a ruthenium(II) N-heterocyclic carbene p-cymene complex during transfer hydrogenation catalysis.”   Transition Metal Chemistry2018, 43(1) 21-29. 
  3. Kubasik, M.A.; Van Dyke, A.R.; Harper-Leatherman, A.; Miecznikowski, J.R.; Steffen, L.K.; Smith-Carpenter, J.E.; “A Cloud-Based Scavenger Hunt: Orienting Undergraduates to ACS National Meetings.”  Journal of Chemical Education201693 (11), 1957-1960.
  4. Sunderland, J.R.;Tao, X.;  Butrick, E.E.; Keilich, L.C.; Villa, C.E. Miecznikowski, J.R.*; Jain, S.*;   “Investigation of liver alcohol dehydrogenase catalysis using an NADH biomimetic and comparison with a synthetic zinc model complex.”  Polyhedron,2016114, 145-151.
  5. Miecznikowski, J.R.*; Guberman-Pfeffer, M.; Butrick, E.E.; Colangelo, J.A.; Donaruma, C. “Adapting Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory Instruction for a Legally Blind Student.” Journal of Chemical Education,2015, 92 (8), 1344-1352.
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  7. Miecznikowski, J.R.; Lynn, M.A; Jasinski, J.P.; Lo, W.; Bak, D.; Pati, M.;  Butrick, E.E.;  Drozdoski, A.E.R.; Archer, K.A.; Villa, C.E.; Lemons, E.G.; Powers, E.; Siu, M.; Gomes, C.D.; Bernier, N.A.; Morio, K.N.“Synthesis and characterization of three-and five-coordinate copper(II) complexes based on SNS pincer ligand precursors.”, Polyhedron, (invited: Special Issue dedicated to Prof. Vukadin Leovac),802014, 157-165.
  8. Miecznikowski, J.R.*; Jasinski, J.P.; Lynn, M.A.; Jain, S.; Butrick, E.E.; Drozdoski, A.R.; Archer, K.A.; Panarra, J.T.  “Synthesis, Characterization, Density Functional Theory Calculations, and Activity of a Thione-Containing NNN-Zinc Pincer Complex Based on a Bis-triazole Precursor.”  Inorganica Chimica Acta2013, 394,310-321. 
  9. Cappillino, P.J.; Miecznikowski, J.R.;Tyler, L.A.; Tarves, P.; McNally, J.; Lo, W.; Kasibhatla, B.S.T. Krzyaniak, M.D.; McCracken, J.L.; Wang, F.; Armstrong, W.H.; Caradonna, J.P.*  “Studies of Iron(II) and Iron(III) Compounds with fac-N2O1,cis-N2O2, and N2O3Donor Ligands:  Models for the 2-His 1-Carboxylate Motif of Mononuclear Nonheme Iron Oxygenases.”  Dalton Transactions201241, 5662-5677.
  10. Miecznikowski, J.R.*;Lo, W.; Lynn, M.A.; Jain, S.; Keilich, L.C.; Kloczko, N.F.; O’Loughlin, B.E; DiMarzio, A.P; Foley, K.M.; Lisi, G.P.; Kwiecien, D.J.; Butrick, E.E.; Powers, E.; Al-Abbasee, R.“Syntheses, Characterization, Density Functional Theory Calculations, and Activity of Tridentate SNS Zinc Pincer Complexes Based on Bis-Imidazole or Bis-Triazole Precursors.”  Inorganica Chimica Acta2012387, 25-36. 
  11. Harper-Leatherman, A.;* Miecznikowski, J.R. *  “O True Apothecary:  A Forensic Toxicological Perspective on Romeo and Juliet,” Journal of Chemical Education201289, 629-635.
  12. Miecznikowski, J.R.;* Lo, W.; Lynn, M.A.; O’Loughlin, B.E; DiMarzio, A.P; Martinez, A.M.; Lampe, L.; Foley, K.M.; Keilich, L.C.; Lisi, G.P.; Kwiecien, D.J.; Pires, C.M.; Kelly, W.J.; Kloczko, N.F.; Morio, K.N.  “Syntheses, Characterization, Density Functional Theory Calculations, and Activity of Tridentate SNS Zinc Pincer Complexes.”  Inorganica Chimica Acta2011,376, 515-524.
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Prior to joining Fairfield University:

 14.   Appelhans, L.N.; Zuccaccia, D.; Kovacevic, A.; Chianese, A.R.; Miecznikowski, J.R.;Macchioni, A.; Clot, E.; Eisenstein, O.; Crabtree, R.H.  “An Anion-Dependent Switch in Selectivity Results from a Change of C-H Activation Mechanism in the Reaction of an Imidazolium Salt with IrH5(PPh3)2.”Journal of the American Chemical Society2005127, 16299-16311.

15. Miecznikowski, J.R.;Crabtree, R.H. “Transfer Hydrogenation Reduction of Ketones, Aldehydes and Imines Using Chelated Iridium(III) N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes.” Polyhedron, (invited, special issue dedicated to Malcolm Green), 2004,23, 2857-2872.

16.  Mata, J.A.; Chianese, A.R.; Miecznikowski, J.R.;Poyatos, M.; Peris, E.; Faller, J.W.; Crabtree, R.H.  “Reactivity Differences in the Syntheses of Chelating N-heterocyclic Carbene Complexes of Rhodium are Ascribed to Ligand Anisotropy.”  Organometallics,2004, 23, 1253-1263.    

17. .Miecznikowski, J.R.;Crabtree, R.H. “Hydrogen Transfer Reduction of Aldehydes with Alkali Carbonates and Iridium NHC Complexes.”   Organometallics200423, 629-631.

18.  Miecznikowski, J.R.;Gründemann, S.; Albrecht, M.; Mégret, C.; Clot, E.; Faller, J.W.; Eisenstein, O.; Crabtree, R.H.  “Outer Sphere Anion Participation Can Modify the Mechanism for Conformer Interconversion in Pd Pincer Complexes.” Dalton Transactions2003, 831-838.   

19.  Albrecht, M.; Miecznikowski, J.R.;Samuel, A.; Faller, J.W.; Crabtree, R.H.  “Chelated Iridium(III) Bis-carbene Complexes as Air-Stable Catalysts for Transfer Hydrogenation.”  Organometallics,200221, 3596-3604.  

20.  Kovacevic, A.; Gründemann, S.; Miecznikowski, J.R.;Clot, E.; Eisenstein, O.; Crabtree, R.H.  “Counter-ion Effects Switch Ligand Binding From C-2 to C-5 in Kinetic Carbenes Formed From an Imidazolium Salt and IrH5(PPh3)2.”  Chemical Communications2002, 2580-2581.   

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