Image of faculty member, Iman Naderi

Dr. Iman Naderi

Assistant Professor of Marketing
o: Dolan School of Business Rm 1110
p: x3373


Naderi, Iman, Audhesh Paswan and Francisco Guzman (2018), “Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt: The Effect of Consumer Knowledge on Restaurant Evaluation,” Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 45, 221-229.

Naderi, Iman (2018), “I’m Nice, Therefore I Go Green: An Investigation of Pro-environmentalism in Communal Narcissists,” Journal of Environmental Psychology, 59, 54-64.

Naderi, Iman and Eric Van Steenburg (2018), “Me First, Then the Environment: Young Millennials as Green Consumers,” Young Consumers, 19(3), 280-295.

Zolfagharian, Mohammadali, Rajasree Rajamma, Iman Naderi, and Samaneh Torkzadeh (2018), “Determinants of Medical Tourism Destination Selection Process,” Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 27(7), 775-794.

Yazdanparast, Atefeh*, Iman Naderi*, Nancy Spears, and Robert Fabrize (2018), “Advertising and Pseudo-Culture: An Analysis of the Changing Portrayal of Women in Print Advertisements,” Journal of Macromarketing, 38(2), 185-205.

* Equal authorship

Naderi, Iman and Audhesh Paswan (2016), “Narcissistic Consumers in Retail Settings,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 33(5), 376-386.

Naderi, Iman and David Strutton (2015), “I Support Sustainability But Only When Doing So Reflects Fabulously on Me: Can Green Narcissists Be Cultivated?” Journal of Macromarketing, 35(1), 70-83.

Naderi, Iman and David Strutton (2014), “Can Normal Narcissism Be Managed to Promote Green Product Purchases? Investigating a Counterintuitive Proposition,” Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 44(5), 375-391.

Naderi, Iman (2013), “Beyond the Fad: A Critical Review of Consumer Fashion Involvement,” International Journal of Consumer Studies, 37(1), 84-104.

Naderi, Iman, Ahmad Sharbatoghlie, and Ahmadreza Vafaeimehr (2012), “Housing Valuation Model: An Investigation of Residential Properties in Tehran,” International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 5(1), 20-40.

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