Image of faculty member, Valeria Martinez

Dr. Valeria A. Martinez

Associate Professor of Finance
o: Dolan School of Business Rm 2106
p: x2881


Martinez, Valeria, Yiuman Tse and Jullavut Kittiakaraskun, 2011, "Volatility,Trade Size and Order Imbalance in Cina and Japan Exchange Traded Funds" Journal fo Economics and Finance, forthcoming.

Martinez, Valeria, Paramita Banyopadhyay, Yiuman Tse and Jullavut Kittiakaraskun, 2011, "Market  Quality Conditions in the Agricultural Commodities Futures Markets" Review of Financial Economics 20, 28-36.

Martinez, Valeria, 2010, "Are Finance Students Ready for Ethics Challenges?,"Academic Exchange Quarterly 14,3, 144-151.

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Kadapakkam, Palani-Rajan and Valeria Martinez, 2008, "Ex-Dividend Returns: The Mexican Puzzle," Journal of Banking and Finance 32, 2453-2461.

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